Paleo Weight Loss

Paleo Weight Loss

There are many weight loss methods out there. Many will help people to lose weight, at least for awhile. Some im afraid will never help anyone to lose weight. Weight loss is a very complicated problem, mostly due to the intricate systems that are in place in the human body. Lets examine some Paleo weight loss results.

Unfortunately, diet plans that boast rapid weight loss are often ineffective and dangerous. Of course pills and medications are also unhealthy. Paleo weight loss is different. First of all it is not merely about calorie defecits. In fact, with Paleo weight loss, there is no calorie counting. In fact eating many smaller meals is advised. With Paleo weight loss, you eat when you are hungry. And you can eat well. 

How do you lose weight on the Paleo diet ? Paleo is not considered a diet, but rather a lifestyle. Although many paleo dieters experience significant Paleo weight loss in a matter of days, it is the long term results that are the most impressive. It is not unusual to lose 50 pounds in a matter of months with Paleo weight loss. Perhaps more important to Paleo weight loss, is Paleo fat loss. It should be everyones goal to lose excess body fat, rather than to try for a number on the scale.

The Paleo dieter avoids grains, most dairy, legumes and a few other food substances. The biggest culprit is grains. It is found in many studies that processed foods play a big part in our obesity. By avoiding these foods and eating quality meats and seafoods and vegetables, our bodies begin to recover. It is no wonder that there are so many online testimonials to Paleo weight loss. Impressive results were also reported in a recent two year study. Long-term effects of a Palaeolithic-type diet in obese postmenopausal women: a 2-year randomized trial  by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 


Paleo weight loss is a sensible choice. It does not rely on pills or chemicals, unreasonable dietary restrictions or absurd health routines. There is also a very big bonus with Paleo weight loss. Paleo is an anti-inflammatory diet, and most people report significant health benefits as well as losing excess body fats. The same foods that make many of us fat, are also making us unhealthy.People have reported great improvements in serious as well as not so serious health disorders. People report improvements in breathing, allergies, headaches, blood sugar levels and many other conditions. This is because Paleo dieters are avoiding the foods and preservatives that are responsible for many of these problems. The internet is loaded with testimonials about Paleo weight loss results.

Other advantages of Paleo weight loss include the fact that you can do it on your own time. You dont even have to follow it 100% to see great results. And you can start Paleo in your own home without costly equipment, prepackaged meals or club membership. There are many articles on this website on How to go Paleo.

Diet and exercise are designed to work hand in hand. It has been proven that exercise works better with a diet plan, and dieting achieves better results when combined with an exercise program. Many Paleo experts recommend a high intensity exercise program such as Crossfit  to achieve maximum results.

It is a  good idea to check with your physician before starting any diet or fitness program, and then give Paleo weight loss a good four week trial.



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