Paleo for Beginners

Paleo For Beginners

paleo for beginners

I intend with this post, to present a general guide for those that are interested in learning more about Paleo. I will not be spending long with the science behind Paleo, or the history of Paleo. Instead I mean this to be exactly as the title implies. A simple guide to Paleo for beginners. Hopefully it will focus on the topics that would be of interest to someone investigating this diet.

Paleo is not called a diet by its users. It is considered a lifestyle. This means that Paleo is not a practice you follow for a couple of weeks to lose 30 pounds. It is meant to be a practice that becomes a way of life and brings you results now and in the future.

Paleo is named after the Paleolithic period. It revolves around foods that our caveman ancestors would eat, before the introduction of the agricultural revolution. In other words, it is centered around foods that are hunted, or gathered, not grown and harvested.

There are two main benefits of Paleo. Body fat loss and or, improved health.

The Paleo diet is not just about meat. In fact, a good portion of your diet with Paleo comes from vegetables. The foods that are avoided on the Paleo diet, are the foods that have been proven to make us fatter, and make us unhealthy. The main enemy so to speak, is grains.

paleo for beginners

Much of the latest research confirms that too much grain can add to obesity. It is also known that grains often cause autoimmune like responses (allergy). These allergies or sensitivities can manifest themselves as simpler problems like chronic headaches, breathing problems, skin rashes etc,  or more serious conditions such as diabetes.

Another important part of the Paleo diet is avoiding pre-packaged foods. Again it has been proven that many of the preservatives and chemicals used in these foods are also making us fatter and unhealthy. Many Paleo enthusiasts will only eat organic foods, while others do not.

Diet and exercise work together to help achieve your fitness goals. Many Paleo experts will utilize fitness programs such as Crossfit to help achieve their goals.

It is important for anyone considering a diet or exercise plan to check with their family physician. It is important for the Paleo beginner to know what he or she desires to accomplish with Paleo. If you are trying to improve a serious health disorder, you will need to observe the rules more closely than someone that is simply trying to lose some weight and make general improvements to the way they feel. The later can follow Paleo to a degree and still get great results. It has been suggested that you can still get impressive results by following Paleo about 80% of the time. This means that on occasion, you can cheat and still reach your goals.

What will you eat? The Paleo dieter is able to eat generous portions of meats, fish and seafood, most vegetables, fruits and nuts.There are also a number of great Paleo fast foods. You can for example eat bacon and eggs in the  morning and great dinners like roast beef as well as shrimp and lobster.

Does the Paleo beginner have to give up pizza, cookies and breads? No. However you will want to learn to buy or prepare baked goods from different flours. Many baked Paleo foods are made with nut flours instead of traditional flours. There are Paleo muffins, Paleo brownies, breads, desserts and much more once you learn to bake Paleo style. The important thing to note here is that you are not giving up baked products with Paleo. You are giving up grains.

Most people that are serious about Paleo also avoid dairy, however some will eat certain dairy products such as yogurt. Most Paleo dieters will also avoid legumes. Peanuts are also classified as a legume are are to be avoided.

Along with Paleo foods that you bake yourself, there are a number of ready to eat Paleo products available. You will probably be able to find Paleo baked goods at your local health food store. These include snack bars, breads and cakes, as well as packaged Paleo meals.

In addition to avoiding grains, dairy and legumes, a Paleo dieter will want to avoid alcohol and excess sugars.

best paleo cookbook for beginners

Sooner or later, a Paleo dieter will need to dine out. There are a small number of restaurants that offer Paleo selections, but most of the time a Paleo enthusiast will have to use resourcefulness to order foods that are Paleo. Even fast food chains offer meals that can be eaten when on the go. In a fast food restaurant, a Paleo dieter can order hamburger without the bun, salads and vegetables. Oriental restaurants also offer dishes that will work as Paleo fast food.

If you are looking for Paleo for beginners, often a Paleo cookbook will serve as a guide. It is helpful for the Paleo beginner to have a Paleo food list and other tools. Many people will start Paleo as a 30 day trial. The Paleo beginner may start by avoiding grains and prepackaged foods. Later on it will be advantageous to learn to bake Paleo foods to add variety to their diet.

We feel that Paleohacks Cookbook is one of the best Paleo cookbooks for beginners. It is actually six guides in one, as it comes with five bonus books. It includes a Paleo food list as well as Paleo grocery lists and other valuable information. There is information on dining out, as well as a book of fast Paleo meals that can be made with only four ingredients. These recipes have been tested by a large number of Paleo dieters on the Paleohacks forum, and you may use the forum for support.

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