Paleo Cereal ? Believe it or Not

Paleo Cereal ? Believe it or Not

Its hard to believe there is such a thing as Paleo cereal. After all, cereals are the bulk of the problem so to speak. In a way, it is everything Paleo is against, in crunchy form. The very name cereal comes from the Roman Godess of grain crops and agriculture. These crops were non existent in Paleo times. It is also these grains that many people have serious problems with. They are implicated in many if not all serious autoimmune conditions including bowel disorders like colitis and I.B.S. as well as the most serious conditions like diabetes.

However, it is very understandable that this is a key point for many individuals. We have been conditioned to think “healthy whole grains” and so most of us grow up expecting that bowl of Count Chocula in the morning. In a way, it is a very addictive food as well. Most of the most common breakfast cereals are very sweet. Combine that with the carbs and the fact that they are filling, and you may have a habit thats hard to break. I know people that have lost serious weight, simply by ending their morning cereal ritual. On the positive side, cereal is very crunchy and packs some energy. paleo ceral image

There are many Paleo breakfast ideas that are much better for you than cereal in the morning. Many of them are just as satisfying. Bacon and eggs of course is favorite with just about anyone. There are also delicious Paleo muffins and bread substitutes to choose from. However, you may be surprised to hear, that there is such a thing as Paleo cereal. Or at least Paleo Near Cereal.

There are many Paleo dieters that have encorporated a Paleo cereal like food for an occasional breakfast. For the most part  these Paleo cereals are a combination of coconut shavings, nuts, berries, and sometimes squash and other unexpected ingredients. Here are a few good examples;

Awesome Paleo Granola 

Paleo Faux Oatmeal

Apple Pie Cereal

Dont forget Chocolate is not necessarily off bounds on the Paleo diet, so here is…

Paleo Chocolate Granola 

In fact, with just a short search on Google, you will easily find hundreds of Paleo breakfast cereal substitutes. And you know what? Many of them taste great. Because of the nuts, coconut, and berries, just add a little coconut milk, and these recipes are delicious.

But what if you like your cereal in a box or a bag ? What if you dont want to spend time preparing a Paleo cereal? More good news. There are quite a few commercially available Paleo faux cereals.

paleo cereal paleo krunch

Abes Market offers a ready to eat Paleo Krunch cereal. 

Another popular cereal line is from Julian Bakery who offers a number of interesting blends including Cappuccino Crunch. paleo cereal granola





So if the idea of no cereal stops you from going Paleo, it shouldnt. Like so many other great Paleo foods, Paleo desserts, Paleo brownies, there are a number of ways to satisfying your taste buds while staying healthy.


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