Other Paleo Books of Interest

Other Paleo Books

We have looked at the best Paleo Cookbooks online and the best Paleocookbooks at your local bookstore. We have even looked at Paleo cookbooks for dogs. There are however Paleo books that are a step beyond cookbooks. Lets take a look at a few of those.

Your Personal Paleo Code: The 3-Step Plan to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, and Stay Fit and Healthy for Life- by Chris Kresser

This book is about tailoring the Paleo lifestyle to you specifically. It gives a three step program. Reset, best paleo cookbook paleo codeRebuild, Revive. Your Personal Paleo Code delves into particular health problems and how to tailor the Paleo diet to improve them. Conditions including thyroid problems, leaky gut and many others are discussed. Chris Kresser overcame a serious health condition by learning about nutrition and natural health, and now writes books to help others with similar problems.

This book is about Paleo customization. Using the Paleo principles to target your specific needs. It should be noted that Chris has own particular Paleo formula which may include some foods that other Paleo diet guidelines say are taboo. This book would perhaps be best for someone with a little Paleo background that is looking to improve particular conditions or problems in your life.

Paleoista: Gain Energy, Get Lean, and Feel Fabulous With the Diet You Were Born to Eat by Nell Stephenson

Paleoista is one of many Paleo books that are targeting women in particular. There are also other Paleo paleoista-best paleo cookbooksbooks that target men and children. Paleoista is about a woman reaching her female goals by utilizing the Paleo diet. A good part of the book is about beauty and how the Paleo diet can improve your hair and skin. Nell Stephenson is  coauthor of The Paleo Diet Cookbook and contributes to The Paleo Diet NewsletterUSA Triathlon, and other publications.

This book is very much geared towards younger, active, athletic women and includes a lot of information about sports. The book is easy to read, but may be a bit short on information for some readers. It includes many success stories of women that improved their life with Paleo principles. This would probably be a good book for a young woman that knows a bit about Paleo and is trying to make improvements in beauty and performance.

Solving the Paleo Equation Stress Nutrition Exercise Sleep by Dr. Garrett Smith and Matt Stone

As you can see from the title, this book looks at much more than weight loss with Paleo. This book is also about tailoring Paleo principles to your individual needs. Some interesting topics from the book include paleoequation best paleo cookbook

” Sleep: One simple change in your bedroom could restore a normal cortisol rhythm!

Stress: Practices to keep your home and workspaces from raising your adrenaline and sapping your testosterone!

Exercise: Simple, free, reliable ways to self-monitor to avoid burnout and overtraining, regardless of the type of exercise!
– Nutrition: Learn about the four “Anti-Stress S’s” and their powerful affects in the body! ”

An interesting part of this book is using simple biofeedback methods to find ways to improve your health. These include using a thermometer, bowel transfer time and other methods, to improve your health.Dr. Garrett is a naturopathic physician.

The Skinny Cavegirl Paleo Diet by Lindsay Madison

You cant get skinny eating bacon, pancakes and desserts. This book is also geared more towards skinny cave girl -bst paleo bookwomen, and weight loss and getting skinny in particular. The author makes a valid point about the bad habits of Paleo eating and snacking. Many people read a little about Paleo, see delicious looking recipes for muffins, cakes, and other goodies, and think they can lose weight eating like this. It is also not a great idea to eat bacon constantly as some would have you think. It offers instead a more sensible nutritious plan for using Paleo to slim down and feel healthier.


We will be adding more interesting Paleo titles soon. Remember if you are looking for a great Paleo book collection that will get you going with Paleo, be sure to check out  Paleohacks Cookbook.



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