How to Go Paleo and Stay Paleo

How to Go Paleo|How to Start the Paleo Diet

Paleo is one of the hottest diets of our time, and for good reason. However, many people are just not sure how to go Paleo.

There are two main benefits of Paleo. The first of course is fat loss. Paleo will definitely get you towards that lean body you are looking for, while giving you the nutrition you need. The second benefit is actually a lot of benefits we will call the health benefits. Many people report improvement of life long chronic conditions, mostly autoimmune disorders which can include allergies and asthma, diabetes and many other disorders. Many people report improvements with g.i. conditions  such as colitis, after starting paleo. It is no wonder so many people are wanting to try the Paleo diet.

Aside from weight loss and the improvement of chronic conditions, many people report improvements in a health and beauty sense. It is common to notice improvements in your skin, eyes and hair. In general it is common to see general improvements in your healthy appearance, once you go Paleo.

There are many plans out there. Some are very scientific and complicated, while others are not. As mentioned in other posts, you can still get great benefits even if you dont go 100% Paleo. If you are not trying Paleo to combat a disease or health condition, and are just looking to slim down and feel healthier, you dont have to be as concerned with doing everything perfect. It is always good to check with your doctor before starting any diet or fitness programs.

If you want to start the Paleo diet, you must avoid consuming grains, packaged foods, most dairy, and curtail your use of sugars, alcohol and coffee. If you do that, you have started the Paleo diet. This means you will be mostly eating vegetables, meats and fruits and nuts. So you can start paleo this way. Dont eat anything from a package, no grains or dairy, and cut your sugars and alcohol. Its not as bad as it seems. For example instead of cereal for breakfast, you can have eggs and bacon. For lunch, a hamburger pattie with a vegetable or salad. A dinner can be steak,shrimp, lobster, pork chops etc. AND, you can eat more smaller meals throughout the day, so you should never really be hungry. Also you will want to avoid legumes (beans). Other than that, you can enjoy a lot of great foods that you love now, often.

Here are some foods for your grocery list

Free range chicken

Grass fed beef

Salmon Filet




Cage Free Eggs

Sweet Potatos


Coconut Oil






This is just an example of a simple grocery list. Paleohacks Cookbook includes a much more detailed grocery list as well as complete meal plans.

This will work fine to start, but soon you will need to start planning. You will not want to eat the same things every day. That is why Paleo recipes are so popular. You can create delicious meals and have a lot of variety in your diet. It also helps to have a Paleo food list. This way you know what to shop for, and what ingredients you will need to create some really tasty dishes.

This is where Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook comes in. There are hundreds of tasty meals, snacks and even desserts. There are six books in all, and they cover the important topics you need to know, and show you step by step how to prepare meals that anyone would rave about. You also get complete grocery lists, a Paleo food list, where to eat Paleo when dining out and more.

Some people do fail on the Paleo diet, but it is almost always because of not knowing exactly what to do. This is where the Paleohacks Cookbook really shines. It has everything you need to prepare and create delicious Paleo food, and walks you step by step into becoming a Paleo diet expert. It could be that Paleohacks Cookbook is the best Paleo book available.

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