Paleo on the Go – The Traveling Caveman


Its a fact. At some point every caveman or cavewoman must take to the open road. This presents a little challenge when it comes to sticking to your Paleo food guidelines. However its not as difficult as it seems and usually just requires a little preparation if you have time. There are times however that requires us to pack up and go quickly allowing us very little time for preparation. Have no fear, Paleo on the go is not a paleo on the gobig problem.

There are a number of reasons why someone may need Paleo on the go. A vacation is one example. This is one of the least difficult since usually there is plenty of time to prepare. Sometimes our business or jobs require us to pack up quickly and this too is a scenario for Paleo on the go. There are even more unusual unforseen reasons for hasty departures.

I had just started my Paleo lifestyle a couple of years ago. Things were going well and I was losing weight, feeling great and getting my food routine down to a science. This was about to change as my fathers health began to fail. After dozens of medical appointments it became necessary for him to see a specialist  in the big city. Of course this was a bit of a stressful situation and I was concentrating on all the things I needed to do to get him to the doctor. It was right before I needed to leave that I realized that my Paleo lifestyle was being challenged. I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised at how well I did. I would say that my Paleo on the go experience stayed true to my guidelines over 90% of the time. Thats the great thing about Paleo. If you are following Paleo over 90%, you are doing just fine. I should mention that if you are following Paleo  to improve or eliminate a health problem, you will want to stay Paleo 100% of the time. But for me and my goals, 90% of the time was fine, and it will probably be fine for most of you as well. If you do need 100% Paleo on the run, that too can be done without too much difficulty.

Be prepared. This is such a great motto. Being prepared can save you from so many troubles. This is certainly true with your Paleo diet as well. If you have leftovers, this helps a lot. Many times I will have left over chicken and I will put them in a cooler for my trip. Left over pieces of steak or london broil also work well and can be added to a salad or vegetables later on for a tasty meal. Fish or tuna fish also work well in this manner. If you love sandwiches you will learn to bake your own Paleo friendly breads and wraps and you can even purchase them ready made now at local health or whole food stores. So a tasty chicken salad sandwich on the go is definitely possible for Paleo on the go. In fact, i enjoy them on a regular basis.

You should always figure on fruits and nuts. Bananas are great to have on a trip as they are filling and give you energy. You can make or buy your own trail mixes for travel by combining your favorites and packaging them up for the trip.

But what about when you cant prepare? Fortunately there are a lot of good Paleo fast food options out there. Be sure to check our post on Paleo fast food.  This article tells you quite a bit about what you can order at the usual fast food chains. Wendys in particular has a lot of good options for Paleo on the go. Its true that you will have to settle for quality to some degree, but you certainly dont have to abandon your Paleo guidelines or starve. You can actually find something Paleo at just about any of the fast food chains. In a worst case scenario, you could buy a burger and a salad and combine them for a Paleo meal. You will want to be careful with the sauces and such. It is true that many of these foods contain preservatives that you ordinarily would not want in your diet, but in an emergency, these foods will do.

Speaking of ready made, the above article also has a nice list of pre made Paleo treats that are readily available. There are protein bars such as Larabars, and even Paleo cookies that are great for Paleo on the go.  Be sure to check here for some great ideas for Paleo on the road.

The above snacks and meals are easily assembled for your trip. This leaves only the bigger meals for consideration. The nice thing about that is that most better restaurants offer something that is Paleo friendly. On that particular trip with my father, I ate the sandwiches, meats, and snacks that I had brought along, and then treated myself to a good dinner at night or as a late lunch. Theh first night I chose a highly rated restaurant and ordered a surf and turf combo of salmon and steak. I enjoyed a favorite salad, the fish and steak, chose two of my favorite vegetables and was quite satisfied.  I also allowed myself a glass of wine with the meal.

So all in all with my unexpected trip, I did fine. I actually ate pretty much Paleo the entire time. I said 90% to allow for the fact that I did eat some fast foods that probably contained preservatives. I allowed myself the wine, and Im sure some of the meats I ate were not grass fed by any means. But all in all, I avoided grains and other foods that dont agree with me, and stuck to my basic Paleo guidelines.

So all in all, be prepared if you can. Bring the good stuff with you. Improvise at the fast food stops, and treat yourself to a great dinner or luncheon. It may be a smalll challenge, but Paleo on the go is not that difficult at all. There are also some great foods for Paleo on the go in the Paleohacks Cookbook and especially the bonus book Paleo 4x.

Paleo Fast Food -For the Caveman on The Go

Paleo Fast Food-Paleo Fast Food Options

The Paleo diet is becoming mainstream. Is Paleo King not far in the future? McPaleos ?Perhaps.

Sooner or later, we all become too aware of the need for Paleo fast food. Of course we would all like to eat wholesome home cooked foods whenever possible, but there are times both at home or driving home, that Paleo fast food becomes a necessity. Here are some Paleo fast food options.

paleo fast foods

In the home, it becomes necessary when due to a busy schedule, we find that we need to feed ourselves and our family, and get out the door quickly. In this case the best thing is to have Paleo leftovers on hand. Some people plan ahead and have a stash of quick but nutritious meals available for just such an occasion. There is a great bonus book included with the Paleohacks Cookbook called Paleo 4X. These are fast recipes that only require four ingredients. These are perfect for those occasions when we need to have a quick meal. These are tasty dishes that can be whipped up in a hurry.

Eggs of course are a fairly quick option. You can also grille something up pretty fast on the barbecue and add a quick salad or vegetables. If you have Paleo lunchmeat on hand , this too will work fine. Its fairly easy to come up with Paleo goodies at home, but what about on the road?

Quick paleo meals isnt as difficult as you may think. It takes a little thought and planning, but there are actually quite a few good choices. Also, as fast food chains become more aware of peoples need for healthier foods, they begin to offer foods that can work as quick Paleo meals. Of course, you may have to remove items from the food or generally play around with your fast meal, but in a pinch, it will do. It is also important to remember that fast food at chains may include things you dont want including additives and preservatives. There is no “grass fed” or organic in fast food land. At least not yet.

To some, Paleo fast foods presents a bit of a dilemma. To the Paleo purist, fast food and Paleo just do not belong together. After all, that is what made us obese and unhealthy in the first place. They may argue that Paleo desserts can be just as addicting as traditional desserts and that they are adding sugars that we should be trying to avoid. They may also say that foods from fast food chains are not organic and are loaded with preservatives. The not so pure Paleo dieter might point out that we live in a modern world and that there is a genuine need for quick paleo meals and meals while on the go. Though the fast foods may not be perfect, they do suffice to observe the most important part of Paleo, namely omitting grains and dairy products. I would guess that there were far more not so pure Paleo people than pure Paleo dieters. It is also of help to those Paleo people with a non Paleo family to feed their families.

One of the easiest ways to get fast food at the hamburger chains is to order a burger, or a bacon burger with a salad, and dont eat the bread. You can cut the meat into your salad for a grain free meal. Wendys offers a grilled chicken sandwich that also works well like this. Some of the more progressive chains are starting offer lettuce wrapped burgers and sandwiches. Of course the cooking conditions may not be optimal, but all in all, it can be done. Many of these chains now offer specialty salads that are a step in the right direction.

A recent favorite  is from Wendys. Its called the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad. It wouldnt be considered 100% Paleo by some, but with a little customizing it will do. The ingredients are ;

Iceberg, Romaine and Spring Mix, Apple Chunks, Dried Cranberries., Ultimate Chicken Grill Fillet, Blue Cheese Crumbles,Roasted Pecans, Pomegranate Vinaigrette Dressing

paleo fast food salad

To make this more Paleo friendly, leave off the blue cheese and easy on the dressing.



The same can be said of Wendys Chicken BLT Cobb salad. Again with just a little customizing, you have a Paleo fast food meal. Wendys is my personal choice of fast food restaurant. They seem to honestly trying to create healthier dishes that are able to be customized to individual tastes and needs. It is in their own best interest to offer healthier foods since the majority of people are looking to eat healthier.

What about Mickey D’s ? Mcdonalds too has been trying to some degree to add healthier meal options. One paleo fast food option at Mcdonalds is the premium salad with grilled chicken. They also offer apple slices as a snack. Ive heard of people ordering the grilled chicken wrap, and not eating the wrap. You can add beef from the burgers to a salad for a paleo fast food meal.

Another restaurant that people like for Paleo options, is Chipotle Mexican Grill. They serve meats from naturally raised farm animals. This is not the same as grass fed, but it is a step in the right direction.  There are many differenct chicken,beef and pork dishes, and you can pretty much customize everything, so there are a lot of possibilities here. If there is one in your area, check them out.

There are commercially made treats that are Paleo friendly. One is the Larabar,   lara bar-paleo fast fooda fruit and nut treat that is gluten free and equal to 1/2 cup of fruit.

There are also Tanka bars which are believe it or not made from buffalo meat and cranberries. These are kind of a Native American type of Paleo bar.  You may also want to check out the Well Food Company, famous for their  evolvefoods grassfed whey protein bars. They also offer BBQ Paleo Beef Jerky, Paleo steak sticks and many other quality foods.

nogii bars -paleo fast food

options. You can find these treats by searching for the product name.  NoGii bars makes three paleo snack bars.

Caveman cookies. Yes, even a caveman needs a cookie now

caveman cookiesand then. You didnt think you could eat cookies on Paleo? Think again, Caveman cookies come in five flavors.



Miss your breakfast cereal ? No need to. Steves Paleo Goods makes a variety of breakfast cereals. These are made mostly of nuts, shredded coconut and Paleo friendly ingredients like that.

Freeze dried fruits are a popular paleo treat and of course, fruits are great for you. Crunchies Food Company offers some great freeze dried foods. Most are Paleo friendly.

paleo fast food crunchies

Many of these products could be available in your local grocery, whole food or health food stores. There are thousand of Paleo food products available to purchase.

Paleo Braaap, LLC has come out with The Paleo Diet Bar. It is endorsed by Loren Cordain. In twoflavors: Cinnamon Raisin and Cranberry Almond.

Epic Bar makes three bars: Bison, Beef, and Turkey. Hunted & Gathered makes Paleo Jerky.


There is by the way, a real honest to goodness Paleo  restaurant called Palaeo. Founded by danish chef Thomas Rode Andersen, a chef dedicated to healthier food. The Palaeo is open 24 hours a day and features delicious healthy foods including Paleo. They offer Paleo burgers, hot dogs, wraps and much more. So if you are in the area, you are all set for great Paleo food. If not we can only hope that others open soon in the U.S.

A Chinese restaurant will offer many vegetable dishes and you can get shrimp or ribs on the side. For the most part, these foods offer the most grain free options. Again be aware of sauces and other ingredients that you may not wish to consume. These family owned stores are often willing to put together something just as you wish, such as grilled shrimp over vegetables. Unfortunately, you will get the fortune, but wont eat the cookie. Mexican food can also be easily adapted to Paleo. Italian restaurants are more difficult, but you can order a salad and throw in a piece of sausage or two.

The more this happens, the better you will become at finding a trick.

Speaking of ribs, there are often barbecue restaurants that offer ribs, chicken and more. These will suffice as Paleo fast foods. And speaking of chicken, most supermarkets offer rotisserie chickens that can be utilized as Paleo in a hurry food. You can also pick up better deli meats and salads at a grocery store. Many delis offer meats and vegetable soups as well.

There is no doubt that many fast foods will not be the healthiest, and that certainly goes for Paleo as well. It certainly is a good idea to plan ahead and even to prepare Paleo fast foods ahead of time. But it is good to know that even chains like Mcdonalds, Wendys, Burger King, Five Guys and others, can be a source of Paleo  when necessary. Remember dont be afraid to ask if they have a bun alternative. If they want your business, they will try to accommodate.


Paleo News- Paleo to Go Lobster

Paleo to go is getting very popular. Most people will not want to do it full time, but on occasion it comes in handy. You can order just about anything Paleo online. Here is a clip about a service that offers fresh Paleo lobster meals.
October 3, 3:20 AM

Paleo Diet Meals for Delivery Available at PR Web (press release) A wide range of Paleo Diet meals for delivery, including live Maine lobsters, fresh Maine lobster meat and Maine Jonah crab meat, are offered at…

How to Go Paleo on a Budget

How to Go Paleo on a Budget-Paleo fast food options

How to go Paleo on a budget is a frequently asked question. Many people want to know how to go Paleo, but they are concerned that it will be too costly. Fortunately, it doesnt have to be costly starting Paleo.

Food isnt cheap, thats for sure, Paleo or not. Foods are very expensive and for the most part, you pay more for quality. That doesnt mean that you cant eat or that you have to eat poorly. Keep in mind that your health is very important. It doesnt make sense to have poor nutrition because that will only cost you more money in the long run.

In a way, Paleo helps you to save money almost immediately. If you are like many people, you may spend a lot of grocery money on sodas, cookies, cakes and more. You are also probably paying more for pre-packaged foods as opposed to buying the ingredients and making your own.  Also, the rules for thrifty shopping apply to both Paleo and non Paleo. It always helps the budget to get a good buy or sale price on foods.

During the summer of course you can grow your own vegetables and save more that way. There are also an abundance of farm markets and farm stands where you can find a good deal on produce.

It is also more expensive to buy “grass fed” and “organic” meats, but you are not required to do that. It is the optimal way to go Paleo, but you can still get the benefits of Paleo by buying better cuts of meat in your local supermarket.

A freezer is a good way to save on foods. You can buy meats when they are on sale, and stock up on fresh vegetables and save them for later. Many Paleo people do buy a freezer to stock the foods they like for a later time.

Chicken is usually a cheaper meat, so you can buy more chicken than more expensive meats. You can also buy cheaper cuts of meat for use in a crock pot to save money. Meals made with eggs can be less expensive than more costly meat dishes. Of course the more vegetables you eat, the more you save. You can serve smaller portions of meat with larger portions of vegetables. If you include potatoes in your diet, they are very filling and help complete a meal while saving money. Hamburger can be inexpensive and can be served in different ways.

Buying local in general can be more cost effective. Check out your area to see if there are any farmers or butchers that are willing to help you get more for your money. Also check circulars and coupons for discounts on necessities.

All in all, you can actually save money by going Paleo. Many Paleo people find that after avoiding soft drinks, chips, cookies and cakes, they have more money to spend on quality food. If you cant afford to buy grass fed or organic foods, you can still find reasonable cuts of meats that will make great Paleo meals. What could be better than keeping your body in great shape, improving your health, and saving a few bucks at the same time ?  You can also save on the Paleohacks Cookbook Paleo diet ebook package which is on sale at this time.