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Paleohacks Cookbook is the only Paleo Product I know that comes with the support of thousands of Paleo experts !

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Whats Included with Paleohacks Cookbook ?

Its time to go Paleo ! The Paleo diet is extremely popular for good reason. It delivers. You can have the healthy lean body you want,  health benefits, and look great while enjoying satisfying delicious meals your whole family will enjoy. Read on to learn how to go Paleo

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Whats Included with the Paleohacks Cookbook ?


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Some people fail with the Paleo Diet, simply because they dont know what to do. They have heard that its the “caveman diet” and that it involves meat and vegetables, but they have no idea what to do or what to eat. This makes it difficult to initiate a good Paleo diet plan.The Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook is like having a respected chef and hundreds of active, time tested Paleo enthusiasts guiding you step by step. Guiding you to prepare the most delicious, satisfying meals that your family and friends will rave about.

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Paleohacks Cookbook 

Lets start off with the main product. Over 100 excellent recipes as chosen and organized by the Paleohacks webmaster and respected chef, along with the assistance of hundreds of real world Paleo enthusiasts. This book guides you step by step through some of the most amazing and people tested recipes ever put into one collection. But thats not all (as they say on TV). Right now you also get all the following bonuses !

30 Day Jumpstart

If you want to jump right into Paleo this guide will get you going fast.Why wait trying to learn all there is about Paleo when you can get started and start enjoying the benefits right away. Paleo enthusiasts boast of leaner bodies, more energy, freedom from g.i. and other chronic conditions, mental clarity, improved hair and skin and much more. There is no need to study Paleo for months before enjoying its benefits. This bonus book make it easy to start right away.

The Paleo Food Guide

A complete guide to all the Paleo foods. Includes shopping lists. Any Paleo expert would love to have this guide in their possesion. It too comes free with the Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook. Any Paleo enthusiast would love to have this book in their collection. Makes a great reference and planner. Includes vegetable and fruit seasons so you are aware of what is available for your meals.

Eating Paleo at Restaurants

How to dine out and keep to your Paleo goals. This includes sample meals that you can order at most restaurants. It also tells you what to avoid and which foods may contain hidden ingredients you will want to avoid. This is a real world guide that knows that no matter what diet you follow, at some point you will need to dine out. This is a subject many of the other guides pass over.

Paleo 4X

65 easy Paleo recipes that have only four ingredients. Many of us have limited time and do not have time to spend hours preparing meals. This guide will give you easy, quick to prepare dishes that are full of flavor. Need a meal in a hurry? This is your guide to fast, easy meals with all the benfits of Paleo.

One Month Paleo Meal Plan

Here is a one month planner, filled with 125 delicious recipes to plan your meals, snacks, soups and more. An excellent overview that will help you prepare a full month of healthy delicious meals. An excellent start for you Paleo diet plan.

All of these books are easily worth $27. each, and the total value is easily $162. Right now, you can get everything at an  80% discount!

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What is the Paleo Diet ?


Paleohacks Cookbook-What is the Paleo Diet ?

The Paleo diet or Paleolithic diet is also sometimes referred to as the Caveman Diet, or the Stone Age Diet, is a diet based on the approximate dietary habits of our ancient ancestors.   The Paleo diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts.  Though   there is room for personal interpretation, the following foods are to be avoided including excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes  refined sugar, and processed oils.  In simple terms, the Paleo diet is about eating meats, vegetables and fruits, while avoiding most prepackaged foods.   paleohack paleo cookbook

The Paleo diet was first introduced as a diet plan bygastroenterologist, Walter L. Voegtlin, in 1975. Although similar diets can be found throughout history. Along with the diet there is the realization that we are meant to be active and increased activity and exercise  should be included with the Paleo lifestyle.

There is much controversy around most dietary plans and the Paleo diet plan is no exception. However, many other diets in one way or another use much of the practice of Paleo. Many of the most popular diets of our day in essence, are advocating Paleo principles. If a diet program advocates staying clear of food additives which have been linked to weight gain and retention, they are in effect advocating a mostly Paleo diet. It appears that there is an overall understanding that much of our problems with obesity and health disorders come from modern processing, and the addition of food additives and chemicals.

Paleo enthusiasts boast many advantages to the Paleo diet. These include weight loss and better body tone. They claim many health benefits including the elimination of a host of health problems and conditions. This is due to the elimination of harmful chemicals as well as reducing autoimmune conditions and responses. Many modern afflictions are the result of inflammation and autoimmune activity. It is common to hear of people that have conquered allergies, g.i. problems, joint and nerve problems and much more, by the Paleo diet lifestyle. It is also reported to improve cognitive functions and energy levels.

One of the advantages of Paleo is the ability to eat rewarding meals. Paleo is not a starvation diet by any means. It is also a good choice for many men, since they are able to eat Prime rib, steaks and many other favorites.

In addition to these benefits, many claim appearance benefits such as healthier looking hair and eyes. It is also widely reported to improve sexual performance and vitality.

Paleohacks is one of the largest online communities of Paleo enthusiasts. The membership of this website is huge and boasts members in the health fields, chefs, and people from all walks of life. The community is very lively and there is much interactivity and support. It is an excellent way to learn about Paleo, and learn many delicious recipes that have been tested by people all over the world. The webmaster of Paleohacks is himself a chef and he decided to put together a comprehensive guide to Paleo called the Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook. At this time, the package is actually six books on important Paleo topics including Paleo snacks.

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Vote for Best Paleo Cookbook

Here at, we try to present the most information on Paleohacks Cookbook as vote for best paleo cookbookwell as other popular Paleo products. We are pleased to have posted information to make your choices easier. If you look around the site, you will see inside and exclusive information on Paleohacks Cookbook. We have included the table of contents, and screenshots from the book, as well as a complete whats included section.

We have also featured reviews of Paleoleaps The Paleo Recipe Book and other products. There is a post on printed bookstore Paleo cookbooks as well as a post featuring web products. We hope this will help people that are new to Paleo find a Paleo cookbook that is right for them.

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Paleohacks Cookbook- By the folks at Paleohacks, comes with five bonus books including Paleo 4x,Paleo food list , meal plans and more.

best paleo cookbook-best paleo recipe book


The Paleo Recipe Book by PaleoLeap- One of the most popular online Paleo guides. Includes an 8 week meal planner, dessert recipes, herb & spices guide and more

paleo recipe book

Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfillippo  as the name states, a practical guide to cooking delicious Paleo meals for your family as well as giving insight into using Paleo to help certain health conditions.

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Well Fed and Well Fed II by Melissa Joulwon – Melissas own health crisis prompted her to go Paleo in 2009 and compile some of the most respected Paleo recipes around

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The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf 

best paleo cookbook

Robb Wolf is a former biochemist and one of the leading experts on Paleo diet principals. One of Robbs fortes is his easy writing style, giving you sound information with an occasional chuckle




Against all Grain -Danielle Walker

best paleo cookbooks 2014

Danielle is a self taught chef that fought her own battles with autoimmune disorders. The r ecipes are very inventive and this is a favorite of many Paleo enthusiasts.



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Compare Paleo to Mediterranean Diet

 Paleo vs. Mediterranean

This is not going to be a detailed comparison, but rather a quick glimpse at the differences between these two diets. Diets are kind of like your favorite baseball team. People often get too hung up identifying with one or the other to dangerous degrees. It is not a religion or a team you play on. It is important , but each vegetablesof us has the right to investigate all forms of diet, and draw our own conclusions.

The Mediterranean diet is a diet based on the diet of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean.Lets start with some of the similarities. Both Paleo and Med diet are concerned with fresh foods and avoiding packaged foods and preservatives. Most people will agree that this is a good idea for everyone. We need the nutrition from our foods and the preservatives are making us fatter and unhealthy. Both Paleo and Med suggest light desserts, low in sugar, such as fruit. Both Med and Paleo suggest little or no dairy. The Med diet suggest dairy such as yogurts, a bit more than Paleo. Both Paleo and the Med diet suggest an occasional alcoholic beverage such as wine in moderation, and both encourage the drinking of an ample amount of water. Both Paleo and the Med diet encourage seafood as part of the diet. The oils from fish are very important for their anti-inflammatory benefits and for lubrication of the joints. So all in all, there is quite a bit in common between the diets. Both diets consider themselves to be lifestyles as opposed to fast fad diets.But there is one rather large difference.

The bulk of the Mediterranean diet comes from vegetables, whole grains,pasta,  legumes, seeds and other foods. To the Paleo person, especially one trying to improve autoimmune problems, this simply cant be done. Remember the kinds of foods that are common allergens, and wheat, beans, soy, are on their most eaten list. This really is the biggest gap between the two diets. The Med diet puts meat at the top of their food pyramid as an occasional food as desserts are. While on Paleo, most dieters will not eat any grains, or legumes and many will not eat dairy. This is of course because many want to free themselves from allergy or another immune disease. Science has proved the links between grains and certain autoimmune disorders. Of course gluten is present in these grains, and millions of people cannot eat grains due to Celiacs disease.  Children can be fatally allergic to a peanut, which is a legume. Much of the latest research confirms that these types of foods can cause inflammation in many people.

Other than that, the diets are not that different. If it were not for the abundance of grains and legumes I would say the Med diet is a good choice. But with all those grains and legumes, I cannot call it healthy. Especially for the thousands of people that suffer with food allergies. Other than that major difference,the two diets can be similar. If you were having two families for dinner one family being Paleo and the other Mediterranean, you could please all pretty easily by serving seafood and lots of vegetables, wine, water and a fruit dish for dessert.

And everyone at that table I might add, is getting quality food and nutrition.

Apr 22

Dont be a Paleo Fast Food Junkie !

Paleo fast food junkie

There are a lot of great foods to eat on the Paleo diet. The diet is flexible and permissive enough so that you can cheat on occasion and still get results. However, some experts and Paleo forums are witnessing what could be a chink in the Paleo armor. Paleo goodies.

You can eat dark chocolate on the Paleo diet. You can drink wine. Once you learn more advanced paleo fast food chocolaterecipes, you can learn to bake Paleo breads, muffins, cookies, brownies and pizza. This is fine if you practice good Paleo dining most of the time. However, many are noticing a trend where people are starting to abuse Paleo fast foods and treats. There are those that eating bacon way too much just because they can. Its human nature I suppose to reward ourselves. Its a problem however to reward ourselves too much, too often.

Its a good thing that Paleo is flexible. If Paleo were simply a meat and vegetable diet, it would be more difficult to keep practicing if there were no treats in sight. I like the fact that you dont have to count your calories or do completely without some of the foods you love, but like most things in life, moderation is the key.

Lets remember why you started the Paleo diet in the first place. You probably wanted to lose body fat and get lean and healthy. You probably got fat and unhealthy by eating the wrong foods. So you do not want to get into that habit again, Paleo style. Next to grains, sugars may be one of the most harmful things to your body. So be sure not to eat too many treats, whether they are Paleo or not. If you are just starting out, you probably will limit your results if you fall back on Paleo cookies or brownies everyday. If you eat all the wrong foods, it is even possible to gain weight on Paleo

The last thing you want to do is to create a Paleo version of junk and binge eating similar to the routines that made you obese and unhealthy in the first place. If you want the best results, stick to your healthy Paleo meal plans as much as possible, and only include a treat on occasion. Do not overdue Paleo permissible treats like honey, chocolate, wine and other alcoholic drinks. Its fine to bake something like Paleo brownies occasionally, but if you are eating far too much of these foods, believe me, you are not eating according to the Paleo guidelines. I have seen this popping up rather frequently on Paleo forums lately. People joke about drinking Margaritas, eating cakes and cookies, chocolates and so on, but they are only kidding themselves. One of the primary objectives of Paleo is to reduce dietary sugars and avoid the spikes that are dangerous for your body.

The easiest way to remember this, is to not eat a treat every day. Keep your sugar intake low. Dont eat Paleo breads and muffins everyday. Certainly do not mix different Paleo borderlines on the same day. Like having  chocolates at lunch, and at dinner drinking wine and eating Paleo muffins. Resist the temptations until later in the week or on the weekend when you allow yourself one Paleo treat. You could set a particular day for a glass of wine, but dont drink wine daily if you are trying to see results with the Paleo diet.

There are lots of great foods to enjoy with Paleo. You can enjoy delicious meats and seafood dishes, and all the vegetables you want. For dessert if you need one, enjoy some fresh fruit. Then give yourself a day when you can cheal a bit. You will be getting the best of both worlds with Paleo, but dont let yourself become a Paleo fast food junkie. You should control your appetites instead of the other way around.

Apr 22

Who Writes Paleo Books ?

Who writes Paleo Books?

When you are looking for a good Paleo book, who do you turn to? There are probably a handful of true authorities on the Paleo diet. I would consider Dr.Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf and a few others to be experts in the new Paleo lifestyle. But as we see here on this website, there are thousands of Paleo books to choose from. How do we know these authors actually have expertise on the subject ? Actually we dont.

To be an expert in Paleo you would need to be a scientist. But to write a book on Paleo, you would also need writing skills. To write a Paleo Cookbook, you should have a knowledge of cooking, baking, food quality preservatives etc. So who then is qualified to write the best Paleo book?

Taking a look at the available Paleo books, we see all kinds of authors. One in particular writes books pretty much on any trending topic. Somehow I doubt his book will be that great. Is he an expert on all these different subjects? Somehow I doubt it. There are Paleo books authored by writers that write all sorts of cooking books. It may be french cuisine this week, gluten free the next, and then later on a Paleo book. The only good thing about this is at least they are familiar with cooking. I have  a lot of respect for Dr. Cordain but is he an accomplished chef?

I hope you see my point here. To me the best golf books are written by golfers with a decent writing ability. The best garden book is written by someone with a lot of experience in gardening and working the soil. So now we come to Paleo.

To me, this is one of the factors that made me choose  Paleohacks Cookbook. Paleohacks is a huge online community of Paleo freaks. Most of them are very serious about this diet and how it can improve your life. There are thousands of members, some of which are accomplished chefs, health care people and more. But how do we know the foods taste good? People exchange Paleo recipes on Paleohacks and they are judged by many of the members. These people will be brutally honest, theyve got nothing to lose. And theres where the best recipes from Paleohacks Cookbook comes from. They are the cream of the crop as judged by many of the members of this online community. In addition to the book and the five bonus books, you also can sign up at Paleohacks and get answers to your personal Paleo questions.

Paleohacks Cookbook is put together to help you get started with Paleo, and enjoy some of the best Paleo foods as judged by some pretty particular judges.

Apr 21

The Paleo Recipe Book Review

The Paleo Recipe Book by Paleo Leap

This is a spotlight post on The Paleo Recipe Book by Paleoleap.Though we specialize in Paleohacks cookbook, we will try to spotlight other good choices.  When you are trying to review the best paleo cookbooks there are a number of things to take into condsideration.

  • Number and Quality of Recipesbest paleo cookbook-paleo recipe book
  • Ease of use
  • Photographs and appearance of the book
  • Extra Tools for Beginners
  • Popularity and Satisfaction

Im happy to report that The Paleo Recipe Book definitely qualifies for our reviews. This is without a doubt the most popular online Paleo recipe book available. I can also tell you that even though this product offers a full money back guarantee, that returns are almost non existent. The people at Paleoleap have done an excellent job putting together a great product for both the beginner and the experienced Paleo dieter.

In their own words; “We went on a mission to create the one cookbook that would cover it all. With 350 recipes and counting you will never run out of ideas and will always have something healthy and delicious at your fingertip”

Their focus was to

  • Make Paleo easy to understand
  • Spend less time and money on foods
  • Make it easy to succeed

I am please to say that in our opinion, they have succeeded, and the sales of this product prove that. The recipes are delicious, nutritious and eliminate grains, legumes, vegetable oils, dairy and added sugars. They are set up to deliver delicious meals for any occasion, with optimum nutrition. .The main book offers recipes for meat, fish, seafood, snacks, soups, condiments and more. Condiments are a welcome and useful addition that many other Paleo recipe books leave out. There are also a number of Paleo fast food options and even party pleaser’s.

The photographs in this Paleo recipe book are outstanding and once you see them, you will want to try them. You can browse some of the pictures here at Best Paleo. The people at Paleoleaps are very knowledgeable in Paleo cooking and the Paleo lifestyle. Lets look at some of the extras that make this book one of the best.

With the Paleo Recipe Book, you get five bonuses.

An eight week meal planner. Many Paleo books give you four weeks at most, some dont include this at all. The meal planners are a valuable bonus. It makes it easy to plan out your meals and to include variety in your diet. This bonus is a must have for Paleo newbies. It will keep you focused while inspiring you to create more delicious meals.

Next we have Paleo dessert recipes. A whole publication dedicated to delicious Paleo desserts. And best paleo cookbook dessertsthese are not boring tasteless desserts, but rather desserts that rival some of the best desserts youve eaten.

You also get a guide to  Paleo quick meals. A companion book full of recipes that are quick and easy for when you just dont have time to cook involved meals. This is an important bonus. There are times when you need fast Paleo foods for your family, or even for a party.

Herbs and Spices Guide  This is another guide that many of the others leave out. How to use Paleo herbs and spices to bring the most out of your meals.

Troubleshooting Paleo is another great guide for the Paleo beginner. It covers all the most common problems that come up with Paleo. (Not that many come up). But there are issues that people run acrosss, how to do this, can i use that etc. And this guide takes out a lot of the questions you may have at one point or another.

All in all this is a super quality product that has been selling like Paleo hot cakes and its no wonder why. Thak a look at the video and the beautiful photos and ilustrations in the book. To top all of this off, the book is one of the most reasonable prices for a guide of this quality. And remember its all 100% no hassle money back guarantee.

Apr 19

Paleo Sleep and the Paleo Lifestyle

Paleo Sleep and the Paleo Lifestyle

We hear a lot about the Paleo lifestyle, but what is it exactly? What it shouldnt be is Paleo fanatics dressing like cavemen, spearing animals and mimicking what they think man did, millions of years ago. What it should be is a plan or routine that puts natural and logical health practices based on Paleo principles, put into action in our modern lives.

The Paleo diet is referred to as a lifestyle because it involves more than just food, and more than a PALEO SLEEPtemporary food change. It is a pattern for the rest of your life. The Paleo lifestyle could be broken down to these main factors;

  • Paleo foods and daily diet
  • exercise
  • dealing with stress
  • avoiding toxins
  • sex
  • sleep
  • social activity
  • spirituality

All of these factors make up what is known as the Paleo lifestyle. This post will discuss a little about Paleo sleep and stress, because the two are closely related. These are also two of modern mans biggest problems. Most of us are constantly stressed. Many of us turn to medications for stress and depression. Related to the problems of stress and sleep, is the problem of lack of energy during the day when we need it most. Many people are addicted to caffeine products including sugar rich coffee concoctions and energy drinks.

The typical “modern lifestyle” is not a lifestyle to be proud of. Most of us work most of our days much of the time in a job we dont relate to. We drink coffees to keep us awake. We eat processed carbs and low quality food morning noon and night. We are in a constant state of stress for one reason or another. We should be exhausted but when it comes time to sleep, we dont sleep well.

Sleep is extremely important to our health, both physical and mental. It is a time when the body should be healing itself. Much like a video game where you need to pause at a special point to recharge your health and energy. But most of us have restless sleep and disturbed sleep cycles which can make you feel exhausted  all day long. And sex? Lets not even talk about that. Yet, anyway.

Stress is a common denominator in many of our problems. It is not the stress of an immediate danger, but rather a constant stress which tells our bodies to release chemicals and to function poorly. Simple body functions slow down and we even store more fat, just in case what we are stressed about is actually starvation. Now sleep should be a remedy for stress, but not if we do not get enough or toss and turn all night. We need a good nights sleep.

Aside from stress, diet may play a part in sleeping poorly. We may be eating way too much sugar. We are also probably eating unhealthy chemicals and preservatives that may affect our sleep. Perhaps we eat too close to bedtime and that disturbs our sleep. It could be as simple as a bad habit of staying up too late. Whatever the reason, it is part of an unhealthy cycle that is our lives.

So Paleo sleep and the Paleo lifestyle will turn this viscous circle into a daily plan with great rewards. By eating the foods that give us the most nutrition, while avoiding foods that cause inflammation and avoiding preservatives,  we greatly improve our lives. But diet is not the only answer. Exercise is very important. We were designed to have a good deal of healthy movement and activity in our lives. Many Paleo dieters will also train with Crossfit or another high intensity exercise routine. This in turn helps our stress. It has been proven that both healthier diet and exercise can help calm stress down. The end of this new cycle, is a good deep sleep that will soothe us and heal and repair disease and tissue damage. A good sleep helps us to feel better and feel less stressed the next morning.

The modern lifestyle doesnt have much of a happy ending. We get fatter, stressed out, physically or mentally ill until something snaps. The Paleo lifestyle cycle is much more appealing. We feel better. We get healthier, better sleep, better sex and less stress. Now sure there are obstacles that make it more difficult  at times, but the more you do, the more your situation improves. As you can see they are two very different cycles, with two very different destinations. I think what everyone needs to ask themselves is which path and which ending we prefer.

Apr 18

Is Wine Paleo ? Paleo and Alcoholic Drinks

Is Wine Paleo- Paleo and Alcohol

For some people this is the ultimatum for theIs Wine Paleo Paleo diet. If they can still get a buzz at the end of the week, they may try Paleo. Did our Paleo ancestors make their own Pinot Noir? Probably not, but lets look at alcohol and Paleo.

It is quite possible that early man did in fact experience the alcohol buzz of fermented fruits. In our age the important factors are the effects of alcohol on the body. Is alcohol toxic or inflammatory? Can it contribute to or cause autoimmune problems. These are the questions one considering the Paleo diet should be concerned about. Debating over whether or not Paleo man got wasted, is not very productive.

Lets start right off by saying, most Paleo experts believe certain alcoholic drinks are acceptable if consumed in moderation. Three of the most Paleo friendly alcohols are

  1. Hard cider (preferably dry cider)
  2. Wine both red and white
  3. Tequilla

So yes, most people will agree that Wine is Paleo friendly. It is after all a product made from fermented fruit. Wine also has properties that are healthy such as resveratrol a powerful antioxidant. Wine can be said to help blood pressure, lower bad cholesterol and other positive benefits. There are other alcoholic beverages that  are definitely not Paleo. These are the drinks that are made from grains. This includes beer, some gins and vodkas and whiskey. These drinks all contain grain products and can produce an inflammatory response in some people. These drinks may also contain gluten which is destructive to intestinal villi.

Another problem with alcohol is the sugar. The Paleo diet does not believe in sugary drinks. In fact the only pure true Paleo drink, is water. Water is a very important nutrient and you should drink many glasses a day on your Paleo diet. Many commercial fruit juices are also loaded with sugars and should be avoided or at least eliminated.. Sugar is an enemy of your weight loss and improved health goals, and therefore on the Paleo no no list. If you are drinking a mixed drink it is preferable to choose a grain free alcohol and mix it with soda water and ice with a splash of lemon or lime juice instead of sugary fruit juices or syrups. A good choice may be a “Paleo Margarita”

Of course the purity and quality of your drinks is also very important in the Paleo diet. Although wines has its benefits, it also has its downfalls. Many people are sensitive to the sulfites in wine and if they recognize this, they should definitely avoid wines. Alcohol itself is toxic to the liver and in this respect, alcohol is never really encouraged, but in reasonable amounts , they should not cause a problem.

Another aspect of alcohol consumption that must be kept in mind is lowered inhibitions. People have been known to have ignored or abandoned their diet goals after drinking. It is probably a good idea to limit drinking to once or twice a week or on special occasions only. As mentioned before, there is some wiggle room with the Paleo diet and this can also include drinking the occasional alcoholic beverage. You can also enjoy the occasional herbal tea or fruit juice. Be sure to drink plenty of water, especially on a day you plan to have an alcoholic beverage.

Apr 18

Is Soy Paleo? The Problem With Beans

Is Soy Paleo?

Soy and soybeans are often thought of as a healthy food. Many people make tofu and soy milk a part of paleo for weight losstheir daily diets. Many packaged foods contain soy in one form or another so much so that someone eating a “normal American diet” would be hard pressed to avoid soy. Health food stores are loaded with soy and “healthy” products that contain soy. So why does Paleo have a problem with soy?

I should start out by saying not every Paleo expert is against legumes including soy. Some Paleo dieters include beans in their diets including soy, but most of the Paleo experts say no to soy. I will also say that soy is a fairly common allergen. I happen to be allergic to soy as revealed by skin testing. Soy is a legume, and generally speaking, Paleo avoids legumes.

It may surprise you to learn that beans are basically toxic. Kidney beans for example must be soaked and cooked to be more edible. And Im sure you can appreciate that Paleo man was not soaking and microwaving his beans. The Paleo diet is basically about foods that are hunted or gathered, and most feel that beans do not fall into this category. There are some that feel that certain early civilizations did consume a form of bean, but for the most part most experts feel that they were not a part of Paleo diet. That is only part of the problems with legumes and soy.

All beans contain a compound called Lectins. Lectins are basically toxins that beans developed over the years to keep predators away. They are kind of a self made pesticide that will produce unhealthy poison like symptoms in the predator that ingests them. Now all plants and animals contain them, however it is interesting to note that the highest concentrations appear in grains, legumes, dairy, nuts and nightshade plants such as tomatoes. This is interesting because these are the exact foods most Paleo experts say to avoid. They are also the foods that commonly cause allergy in humans. Peanuts which can cause a fatal reaction in some, are a legume. Yes, the peanut is a bean.

Beans also cause gas or flatulence. This is believed to be caused by oligosaccharide which is a particular sugar that the body cannot break down. Beans also contain a substance that grains also contain called phytic acid. Nuts also contain phytic acid but because they are not usually eaten as readily as beans, it is considered less of a problem. Phytic acid binds with the nutrients in your food to make them difficult to absorb. So although beans look like a healthy food on paper, you are getting a lot less nutrition than you would think from them.

Now lets get back to soy. Soy contains plant estrogens that can raise your estrogen levels and decrease your testosterone levels. In a man this imbalance can cause loss of energy, virility and possibly even man boobs. In women there is a possiblity of menstrual problems, fertility and even breast cancer.  Soy is also a crop that robs the soil of nutrients.

Do you see now why soy and beans are not truly Paleo? They are foods whose nutrients are not fully absorbed. They are basically toxic and and cause inflammation in the body and often have negative effects on the intestines. They can cause hormonal imbalance, and as a crop are bad for soil. The main reason soy and beans are not considered Paleo by many is the problems with the intestines and inflammation. The whole point of the Paleo diet is to eat healthy nutrient dense foods that do not cause inflammatory conditions. Many people that are just starting out with Paleo are doing so because of problems with autoimmune disorders and possibly bowel/digestion problems. For these people soy and other beans can be far from healthy.

However if you are not looking to improve your health with Paleo and you are just trying to lose body fat, you may want to inlcude beans in your diet. With Paleo, you have that option.




Apr 16

5 Reasons To Try the Paleo Diet

5 Reasons to try the Paleo Diet

There are many reasons to give the Paleo diet a fair trial. Here we look at five good reasons.

paleo smoothie recipes best paleo cookbook

  1. Fat Loss –  Obesity is more than looking bad. It is responsible for many of our most horrific diseases. These include diabetes, heart disease, breathing problems and even cognitive diseases like dementia. In addition to these there are hundreds of inflammatory conditions that may not shorten your life, but make the quality of life poorer. In addition to all of these health problems, being overweight slows you down and can effect your day to day performance. All of these health problems are also expensive. Being overweight will cost you plenty in doctor visits and medications. The good news is, most people do lose body fat with Paleo, and fairly quickly. More importantly, you continue to lose fat and your body becomes lean and toned. Paleo is not a crash diet. In fact most people dont consider it a diet at all, but rather a lifestyle that improves your life year after year.
  2. You Eat Well- Unlike many diets, you get to eat great foods on the Paleo diet. Paleo is not just about eating meat. In fact, Paleo dieters eat a lot of vegetables. Many of your favorite meals can be adapted fairly easily to Paleo. There is really nothing that you cannot eat on Paleo, with the exception of grains and preservatives. There a number of best paleocookbooks on this website that can help you prepare outstanding meals, snacks and even Paleo fast food. You get to eat the best meats and the best seafood on Paleo. There are many recipes for beef, pork, lamb, shrimp, lobster and more. You can and should eat meals like bacon and eggs for breakfast. Once you get the tools you need with a good Paleo cookbook, you can also bake breads, muffins, and even pastries. With Paleo, you are encouraged to eat when you are hungry and you can eat several meals a day and still lose body fat. You are losing fat by avoiding the processed carbs that make us all fat and unheathy.
  3. You Dont Need a Guru- The Paleo diet is self taught.You dont need a trainer or belong to a diet organization, to get great results. There are a number of tools that will help you, but most of them are included in a good Paleo cookbook. You dont have to count calories or portion your foods. You dont have to buy questionable pills or equipment. You will eventually need a few particular food products such as nut flours and you will want to buy quality foods but this doesnt necessariy equate to spending more money. You can start Paleo with the foods you have on hand and add variety later on. Most of the best Paleo Cookbooks give you everything you need such as a Paleo food list, grocery lists and info on choosing the cleanest foods.
  4. You Dont Have to Be 100% Paleo – Studies have shown that you can still get great results even if you follow the diet aprox. 80% of the time. In other words, you can cheat on occasion. It is much easier to reach your goals if you know that on occasions you can enjoy a piece of cake or even a piece of non Paleo bread. It should be noted that if you are trying Paleo to improve a health condition, you may need to follow it 100%. Most people however are just trying to lose some excess fat and feel healthier and this can be achieved with an occasional cheat. This eliminates a lot of the pressure of dieting. With Paleo, most of the time you will be avoiding grains, preservatives and sugars, and this will certainly bring results for most people.
  5. Health Improvements- Many people try the Paleo diet to make improvements in their health. The Paleo diet is also gluten free. It is an anti inflammatory diet that helps many to live healthier lives. Grains have been linked to many serious health conditions and many Paleo dieters have improved or eliminated conditions like these. This includes very serious health problems like Diabetes. Even if you dont have a serious health condition, many people report having less headaches, allergy symptoms, g.i. problems, rashes, sleeping problems and other aggravating health problems. Paleo achieves this by eliminating the the things we consume that cause these disorders. It is not uncommon to see honest testimonials of people that have helped or cured health problems that they have lived with for many years.

There are of course many other reasons to give the Paleo diet a try. As if the above five were not reason enough. Please explore our website to learn more about the Paleo diet and Paleohacks Cookbook.



Apr 15

Other Paleo Books of Interest

Other Paleo Books

We have looked at the best Paleo Cookbooks online and the best Paleocookbooks at your local bookstore. We have even looked at Paleo cookbooks for dogs. There are however Paleo books that are a step beyond cookbooks. Lets take a look at a few of those.

Your Personal Paleo Code: The 3-Step Plan to Lose Weight, Reverse Disease, and Stay Fit and Healthy for Life- by Chris Kresser

This book is about tailoring the Paleo lifestyle to you specifically. It gives a three step program. Reset, best paleo cookbook paleo codeRebuild, Revive. Your Personal Paleo Code delves into particular health problems and how to tailor the Paleo diet to improve them. Conditions including thyroid problems, leaky gut and many others are discussed. Chris Kresser overcame a serious health condition by learning about nutrition and natural health, and now writes books to help others with similar problems.

This book is about Paleo customization. Using the Paleo principles to target your specific needs. It should be noted that Chris has own particular Paleo formula which may include some foods that other Paleo diet guidelines say are taboo. This book would perhaps be best for someone with a little Paleo background that is looking to improve particular conditions or problems in your life.

Paleoista: Gain Energy, Get Lean, and Feel Fabulous With the Diet You Were Born to Eat by Nell Stephenson

Paleoista is one of many Paleo books that are targeting women in particular. There are also other Paleo paleoista-best paleo cookbooksbooks that target men and children. Paleoista is about a woman reaching her female goals by utilizing the Paleo diet. A good part of the book is about beauty and how the Paleo diet can improve your hair and skin. Nell Stephenson is  coauthor of The Paleo Diet Cookbook and contributes to The Paleo Diet NewsletterUSA Triathlon, and other publications.

This book is very much geared towards younger, active, athletic women and includes a lot of information about sports. The book is easy to read, but may be a bit short on information for some readers. It includes many success stories of women that improved their life with Paleo principles. This would probably be a good book for a young woman that knows a bit about Paleo and is trying to make improvements in beauty and performance.

Solving the Paleo Equation Stress Nutrition Exercise Sleep by Dr. Garrett Smith and Matt Stone

As you can see from the title, this book looks at much more than weight loss with Paleo. This book is also about tailoring Paleo principles to your individual needs. Some interesting topics from the book include paleoequation best paleo cookbook

” Sleep: One simple change in your bedroom could restore a normal cortisol rhythm!

Stress: Practices to keep your home and workspaces from raising your adrenaline and sapping your testosterone!

Exercise: Simple, free, reliable ways to self-monitor to avoid burnout and overtraining, regardless of the type of exercise!
- Nutrition: Learn about the four “Anti-Stress S’s” and their powerful affects in the body! ”

An interesting part of this book is using simple biofeedback methods to find ways to improve your health. These include using a thermometer, bowel transfer time and other methods, to improve your health.Dr. Garrett is a naturopathic physician.

The Skinny Cavegirl Paleo Diet by Lindsay Madison

You cant get skinny eating bacon, pancakes and desserts. This book is also geared more towards skinny cave girl -bst paleo bookwomen, and weight loss and getting skinny in particular. The author makes a valid point about the bad habits of Paleo eating and snacking. Many people read a little about Paleo, see delicious looking recipes for muffins, cakes, and other goodies, and think they can lose weight eating like this. It is also not a great idea to eat bacon constantly as some would have you think. It offers instead a more sensible nutritious plan for using Paleo to slim down and feel healthier.


We will be adding more interesting Paleo titles soon. Remember if you are looking for a great Paleo book collection that will get you going with Paleo, be sure to check out  Paleohacks Cookbook.