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Lose Weight- Feel Great- Eat Well          How to Go Paleo Tonight

Some people fail with the Paleo Diet, simply because they dont know what to do. They have heard that its the “caveman diet” and that it involves meat and vegetables, but they have no idea what to do or what to eat. This makes it difficult to initiate a good Paleo diet plan.The Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook is like having a respected chef and hundreds of active, time tested Paleo enthusiasts guiding you step by step. Guiding you to prepare the most delicious, satisfying meals that your family and friends will rave about.

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Paleohacks Cookbook 

Lets start off with the main product. Over 100 excellent recipes as chosen and organized by the Paleohacks webmaster and respected chef, along with the assistance of hundreds of real world Paleo enthusiasts. This book guides you step by step through some of the most amazing and people tested recipes ever put into one collection. But thats not all (as they say on TV). Right now you also get all the following bonuses !

30 Day Jumpstart

If you want to jump right into Paleo this guide will get you going fast.Why wait trying to learn all there is about Paleo when you can get started and start enjoying the benefits right away. Paleo enthusiasts boast of leaner bodies, more energy, freedom from g.i. and other chronic conditions, mental clarity, improved hair and skin and much more. There is no need to study Paleo for months before enjoying its benefits. This bonus book make it easy to start right away.

The Paleo Food Guide

A complete guide to all the Paleo foods. Includes shopping lists. Any Paleo expert would love to have this guide in their possesion. It too comes free with the Paleohacks Paleo Cookbook. Any Paleo enthusiast would love to have this book in their collection. Makes a great reference and planner. Includes vegetable and fruit seasons so you are aware of what is available for your meals.

Eating Paleo at Restaurants

How to dine out and keep to your Paleo goals. This includes sample meals that you can order at most restaurants. It also tells you what to avoid and which foods may contain hidden ingredients you will want to avoid. This is a real world guide that knows that no matter what diet you follow, at some point you will need to dine out. This is a subject many of the other guides pass over.

Paleo 4X

65 easy Paleo recipes that have only four ingredients. Many of us have limited time and do not have time to spend hours preparing meals. This guide will give you easy, quick to prepare dishes that are full of flavor. Need a meal in a hurry? This is your guide to fast, easy meals with all the benfits of Paleo.

One Month Paleo Meal Plan

Here is a one month planner, filled with 125 delicious recipes to plan your meals, snacks, soups and more. An excellent overview that will help you prepare a full month of healthy delicious meals. An excellent start for you Paleo diet plan.

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Ripped Muscle Diet Plan – Build Muscle and Drop Body Fat by Eating Clean

Most of us have come to the harsh realization that to lose body fat we must change our eating habits. There’s just no way around it. There’s no super diet pill that’s going to work if you don’t eat clean. You can even get surgery these days to remove some fat, but if you don’t modify your diet plan then you’ll be right back where you started. So eating clean is a must. But what many of us hard core weight lifters and bodybuilders worry about is losing hard earned muscle and strength while dieting to get ripped.

Let me first say that we’re not talking about getting shredded for the stage when you’re a few weeks out from a bodybuilding competition; that’s a different ball game altogether. What we’re talking about is dropping your body fat to a healthy level to where you can see the muscle that you have. You want to see some striations and you want to be ripped to some extent. You certainly don’t want to be one of those weight lifters, strong or not, with a gut hanging over your pants. Your diet is the key element that will separate you from them.

To build muscle and to get stronger you need plenty of quality protein. Anywhere from one gram to one and a half grams of protein per day per pound of bodyweight is a good rule to stick with. I’m not going to argue the low carb versus no carbs versus high carbs and so forth. It’s not so much the carbohydrates, it’s how much and the types of carbs you’re putting into your body. A solid plan to follow is a one to one ratio of protein and carbs. So if you eat a meal with 45 grams of protein, you shouldn’t have any more than 45 grams of carbs. The types of carbs should not be filled with sugar or from processed foods. They should come from sources such as whole grain foods, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, brown rice, fruits, and vegetables.

You also need healthy fats. Egg yolks, almonds and other types of nuts, olive oil and flaxseed oil are a few examples. The important thing to remember is to stay away from trans fats and don’t get too much saturated fat in your diet. For the sake of simplicity, take in a little fat each meal and supplement with flaxseed or fish oil. A good example is if you’re eating eggs, cook six to eight egg whites and one or two whole eggs. I use eggs as an example because whole eggs are loaded with vitamins, nutrients and amino acids.

Obviously training intense with heavy weights reaching muscle overload is a no-brainer for building muscle. Cardio training comes into play as well. This diet portion is imperative though if you want to grow and drop body fat at the same time. I personally have started eating chicken breasts (2 at a time), tilapia fillets (2 at a time), eggs, milk and protein shakes for my sources of protein and have not let my carb intake go too far over my protein intake, getting those from the carb sources listed above. I usually get enough healthy fats from whole eggs, milk, peanut butter and I also supplement with flaxseed oil. I was in fear of my strength going down but I’ve actually gotten stronger and leaner over the past couple of weeks while implementing this meal plan. As for cheat meals, save them for the weekend, or just pick one or two days a week to have a meal or two that may not necessarily fall into the diet plan, such as pizza; my personal favorite.

Source by Jason Stallworth

Chronic Fatigue and The Paleo Diet

Hunter gatherers couldn’t afford to suffer from myalgic encephalomyelitis, commonly called chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), an incapacitating condition marked by disabling fatigue of at least six months, accompanied by numerous rheumatological, infectious, and neuropsychiatric symptoms.1 However, in our modern day nearly 4 million people 2 struggle with these symptoms that impact their ability to fully […]

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USN Diet Plan

The complete name of USN diet plan is Ultimate Sports Nutrition. This diet plan is completely supported by Ultimate Sports Nutrition. It is a South African company. Under this diet plan the company has produced dietary but the nutritional supplements so that the people can achieve the proper body which is able to score full marks for fitness. These supplements help the people to maintain a healthy lifestyle. These supplements are produced only after the proper and detailed research done on them under the inspection of the highly educated doctors.

The nutritional supplements of the USN diet plan are made with the help of the ingredients such as Phaedra cut XT, pure protein IGF1, CLA capsules, and diet fuel. A detailed USN diet plan, in written is provided to the people who wish to start eating these supplements. This particular brand is easily available in the market for the people who wish to enjoy the true benefits of the product. These supplements are specially made for the people in maintaining their wellness and at the same time giving importance to their weight loss, muscle gain and endurance.

The features of USN diet plan supplements are: -

1. The main feature of the product is that it has different weight loss plans and supplements for both men and women.

2. Secondly, it helps the people to reach to their goals of losing weight in very less time compared to the traditional diet plans available in the market.

3. It gives the flexibility of the completely toned and well maintained body, along with providing the knowledge of the fundamentals of the nutrition’s to the people.

4. By consuming these dietary supplements you will not have to indulge yourself in tough and heavy exercises, which is found very difficult by maximum of the people. But will have to follow a small portion of exercise regime which is asked you to follow in your diet.

5. In other words USN diet plan can also be called as a toning and muscle building program.

The main advantage of this brand is that this product is endorsed by many big celebrities and well-known athletes. This brand has the capabilities to easily convince the people who wish to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. The company provides the detailed information of their products with the complete training programs and diet strategies. This helps the people to increase their knowledge about the nutrition’s which are important for them to maintain a fit and healthy body. People will have to follow the exercise schedule which is written in the plan otherwise it will be difficult to attain true success for the people to reach their goals.

It is studied that there are few of the disadvantages involved in this process. The biggest disadvantage which if found is that it requires a change in the lifestyle which is difficult for maximum of the people.

Hence, it can be concluded that the USN weight loss plan is the mixture of the dietary supplements and vast change of the life style.

Source by Jasmine J

[Discussion] 21st Birthday tomorrow…. Cider?

Luckily I live in the pacific northwest, home to some of the best hard cider available. We are all in agreement that I can get sauced on the stuff and not worry about breaking my 2 month Paleo streak?

PS: Reddit Paleo- You have been a huge help in this transition from a processed oreo addicted 20 year old to a more healthy one. Love this new lifestyle- It has dropped my BP from hypertensive to normal, and I feel more alive than ever before.

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Episode 264 – Abel James – The Wild Diet

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Robb Wolf's 30 Day Paleo Transformation

30 Day Guide to the Paleo Diet

Want some extra help? Have you been trying Paleo for a while but have questions or aren’t sure what the right exercise program is for you? Or maybe you just want a 30-day meal plan and shopping list to make things easier? We’ve created a getting started guide to help you through your first 30 days.

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[Discussion] 21st Birthday tomorrow…. Cider?

Luckily I live in the pacific northwest, home to some of the best hard cider available. We are all in agreement that I can get sauced on the stuff and not worry about breaking my 2 month Paleo streak?

PS: Reddit Paleo- You have been a huge help in this transition from a processed oreo addicted 20 year old to a more healthy one. Love this new lifestyle- It has dropped my BP from hypertensive to normal, and I feel more alive than ever before.

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Occupational Health and Safety – Three Main Reasons For Health and Safety Laws in the Workplace

In principle occupational health and safety laws are there to protect people, whether they are employers, employees, visitors or indeed the general public. So the safety and well-being of people is the top priority as it clearly should be; but to ensure that we are all safe from harm during the course of our everyday lives, laws need to be in place and adhered to that also cover the environments that we all live and work in, along with the machinery, tools and equipment that we use.

Therefore the three main reasons for health and safety laws in the workplace are to legislate for our personal safety and that of others safe, build a healthy and hazard free working environment and provide safe, suitable, fit for use and properly maintained equipment. Whether we are employers or employees we have an obligation under occupational health and safe regulations to ensure that these three issues are properly and adequately carried out.

An employer must give all of their employees proper and adequate training in how to perform tasks safely, making certain that they understand the training they have been given, ensure that all buildings and equipment are maintained to a high standard, keeping records and monitoring of the action taken by them in all of those areas. Employees have the responsibility to ensure that they are given adequate health and safety training and information, enabling them to work safely and causing no harm to themselves or others, nor cause damage to either property or equipment.

Of course there are many health and safety management systems that need to be implemented to comply with the law and regulations, but if the three main reasons are kept in mind at all times; people, equipment and property, a safe and healthy working environment and culture will naturally grow and develop within management and workforce alike.

Source by Steve Tallamy

Trouble Spot Training

Trouble Spot Training review

Best Selling Author And Celebrity Trainer Bruce Krahn Presents: The World’s Only 3 Phase Training System Proven To Quickly Target Your Most Stubborn Body Parts And Transform Your Trouble Spots. Affiliates:

Diet Plan To Build Muscle Mass

In this article you will learn about the diet plan to build muscle mass. This article is for both overweight people who wish to burn fat and build muscle mass and underweights who wish to build muscle mass only.

Let’s get few things straight. Whatever your weight is, write down your daily diet (including chips and colas) on a sheet of paper. Make 30 of such sheets for the month and write the date on top of each blank sheet. Don’t cheat. Write down everything you ate today, also the number of glasses of water you drank.

You will surely find that you are not eating enough to build muscle mass. Maybe you are eating triple the quantity of food you need to, but all the wrong kind of stuff. You feel that to build muscle mass, you need to gain weight, so hey, lets eat whatever we chance upon to find in the fridge. Some of you are undereating, much less than what your body requires, hence your frail or skinny frame.

So here is the solution. Both of you need to eat lots of protein, the true muscle builder. Protein is present in generous quantities in eggs, meat, cheese, milk, pulses and nuts. The underweights can loads of all the stuff but the obese need to be careful with nuts and meat. Just a helping of meat twice a day and a maximum of 30 grams of nuts. Also the milk has to be skimmed, otherwise the cream will add into your fat. If you take care of your protein intake in your diet plan, building muscle mass will be a lot easier.

And now carbohydrates. They are the chief energy producers and are present in starch and sugars. If you are plump cut down on the sugar. Replace sugar with honey, that too in moderate quantities. Eat whole wheat products like oatmeal, brown bread and muesli. The slim need not cut down on sugar. Most of the underweights suffer from a lack of energy. So sugar is not to be deleted from their diet plan to build mass, otherwise where will you get all the energy to do your workouts?

Fats are also energy producing foods, but less the better for the overweights. You already have fat reserves in your body. So don’t add on to it. Stick to flax seed oil and olive oil in very moderate quantities as they do not add to your body fat and yet have essential raw materials which your body needs. The underweights can have fat, but in moderate quantities. If you can, stick to olive oil and flax seed oil.

The universal food which should be in your diet plan to build muscle mass is fruits, sprouts and raw vegetables. They have essential vitamins and minerals needed for the health of various organs and tissues. Minerals are the essential components of blood, bones and teeth. So you can’t do without them. Raw vegetables detoxify your system. The fiber present in most raw vegetables cleans your system and the result is a fresh you, ready to take on the challenges of the day, including building muscle . The fiber makes your stomach feel full and satiated after eating and your cravings go down. So you feel you have eaten a lot after eating less. So if you are overweight it is a good idea to start your meal with a crunchy salad.

The importance of water cannot be ruled out in your diet plan to build muscle mass. You have to drink 8 glasses of water, and the overweight have to drink 12. The additional water helps the system to burn fat. A glass of tepid water half an hour before any meal is a good way to burn fat.

The mid morning or mid-evening snack has to be fruits or raw vegetables for the overweight and nuts for the underweight. Almonds are better than walnuts as walnuts contain lots of fat.

Simply stop drinking colas and eating junk food. These are bad for you. Also no chocolates for the plump ones. The others can, in moderate amounts. Sounds harsh? But c’mon you are building muscle mass so you have to give up certain things to have that gorgeous body right?

So from tomorrow onwards, write down the foods which you are required to eat. Put a tick mark if you have eaten those. A If not don’t fret. Do it the next day. Also draw eight or twelve small squares and put a tick inside them after every glass of water you drink. Also write the unwarranted stuff you have gobbled.Carry this paper to office. When the day ends run a quick look,admonish yourself if you have wavered and file it. Take an oath that tomorrow you will not eat anything unwarranted.

Source by Suparna Sinha